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Christmas Lighting Packages

Christmas Lights on Trees


Our team installs professional lighting packages to fit your home and enhance the holiday spirit


During the holiday season we maintain your lights so you can enjoy the time with family and friends.  We are a full turnkey provider.

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After the first of the year we carefully remove all lighting, package and store lights until the following season.  

Four Steps for getting started:

  1. Select PACKAGE or have us design custom look. 

  2. Select a DATE for installation 

  3. We MAINTAIN throughout the holiday season. 

  4. We take down so you can STORE for the offseason.  

(*15% discount if you have existing lighting package)

  • Single story lighting package; includes 120ft of C7 LED lights

    599 US dollars
  • Single story & tree lighting install (2 trees) ; 180ft of C7 Warm Whit...

    799 US dollars
  • Full House (or two story) and Yard Lighting; 240ft of C7 LED warm whit...

    1,499 US dollars

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